Friday, September 21, 2012

Business Model

The pace of business was picking up and reached a lofty plateau during the middle eighties. An increasing application of DRG (Diagnostic Related Group determination) based insurance payments pushed diagnostic imaging out of the hospitals and into entrepreneurial, free standing, imaging centers. Buying used equipment, saving with ISO service and pre-owned, tested and warrantied parts was becoming an acceptable business model.

DRGs was the catalyst which would create the multi-billion dollar preowned medical equipment industry. DRG launched many of the hundreds of brokers, independent servicers, equipment a, parts purveyors and logistic specialists. Although we didn't consider it at the time, we were in the process of making the USA the supermarket of used high tech medical equipment for the world. In the final year of the 1980s the Stark Ammendment was approved. Diagnostix Plus. Was selling used SPECT at a brisk pace in 1989.

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