Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The very begining of Diagnostix Plus

2012 is the thirtieth anniversary year for Diagnostix Plus, Inc.  Our passion for nuclear medicine goes back even further.  It began five decade ago. During our long journey from fledgling participant in our company's diagnostic specialty to well established resource for nuclear medicine technology and business consulting, so much has changed. It has been equivalent to an intensive post graduate education. Begining with this first Diagnostix Plus blog we will share our history in nuclear medicine and offer the best lessons which we have learned. Our intention is to keep it interesting and hope that many readers will join in sharing valuable information from their own experiences.

During our first decade our customers were exclusively hospital based, nuclear medicine and or radiology departments. Marketing and sales leads came from thousands of phone calls, hundreds of client visits, dozens of print advertisements which were placed in just a few specialty trade journals. Each year we attended a single national meeting and three local nuclear medicine events.  Nuclear medicine was an analog business experience conducted at a leisurely pace.  Should you recall an interesting nuclear medicine incident, or anecdote, please share it with us share from personal experiences during the 1970s. . 

In life change is constant and big changes were just around the corner for Diagnostix Plus. With our next entry we will recall the go go eighties. A decade of incredible change and growth.

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