Friday, October 12, 2012

Office Staff: Sonia Andreola

Hello, my name is Sonia Andreola and I am the Diagnostix Plus, Inc. Commerce Manager for Latin America and Spain.  Additional duties which I am responsible for include; Social Media Marketing /Public Relations Specialist. When I was offered the opportunity to work at Diagnostix Plus, a company dedicated to  preserving older nuclear medicine systems I thought it would be something very difficult since the closest words on my technical dictionary were "scan" or "tomography", as tests that doctors prescribed for a family member or acquaintance. However, I accepted it because I like challenges and as a social Communicator and talent  I've previously worked on news to inform the community. I have a great amount of experience selling advertising, and providing customer services.  I have always enjoyed meeting the needs of customers. Helping with my technical knowledge and training, my boss, Don Bogutski offered patient and detailed teachings in the field of nuclear medicine. Today I can say that I have learned and I'm still learning about different SPECT and PET cameras, applications and services but above all, I appreciate the different needs of customers and provide them the best service.

Much of my work at the company is dedicated to my clients in South America and Spain. With each client close personal communication works best for understanding their individual situations and problems. Every sale requires many pages of emails and phone calls with questions, explanations, photos, alternatives, solutions and the pleasing reward of a job well done. Our belief is that each relationship is like a book and every sale a chapter.  Our goal is that each chapter correctly managed opens the opportunity to the next!
Hola, mi nombre es Sonia Andreola y soy Gerente de comercio con América Latina y España (Social Media Marketing / Especialista de relaciones públicas).
Cuando me ofrecieron la oportunidad de trabajar en Diagnostix Plus, una compañía dedicada a la venta de sistemas de medicina nuclear usados yo pensé que era algo muy difícil, lo mas cercano en mi diccionario técnico eran “scan”, o “tomografía computada” exámenes que doctores prescribieron a algún familiar o conocido. Sin embargo, acepte la propuesta porque me gustan los retos y siendo una comunicadora social y locutora no solo me he dedicado a trabajar en noticias e informar a la comunidad, también he dedicado mi tiempo a vender publicidad y atender gustosamente los requerimientos de los clientes ayudándolos a conseguir los mejores resultados. A toda mi experiencia se sumo la acertada y paciente enseñanza sobre el campo de la medicina nuclear, provista por mi jefe Don Bogutski. Hoy puedo decir que he aprendido y sigo aprendiendo sobre las diferentes cámaras, sobre sus diferentes aplicaciones y por sobre todo, puedo acercame a las diferentes necesidades de los clientes y brindarles el mejor servicio.
Gran parte de mi tiempo en la compañía lo dedico a mis clientes de Sudamérica y España con quienes los códigos de comunicación son particularmente estrechos. Cada venta es un amplio capitulo de emails y llamadas telefónicas con preguntas, explicaciones, fotos, alternativas, soluciones y la grata recompensa del trabajo bien hecho. Nuestra meta es que cada capitulo bien logrado abra la oportunidad al siguiente…

Office Staff: Jasmin Elsamra

Working for Diagnostix Plus for almost a year and a half, while achieving a bachelors in math, I have come to a great appreciation for and understanding of nuclear imaging. Nuclear imaging is an effective way to gather information on a patient's condition to diagnose and make adjustments to treatments. Gama cameras are effective in the sense that the images taken require very little exposure to radiation yet, they portray accurate depictions of the patient's organs on a biological scale. These images are then studied by physicians to correctly diagnose the individual. Nuclear imaging cameras have the ability to diagnose patients with the leading causes for death, including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, gastrointestinal problems, and neurological disorders. The Nuclear Medical field is constantly advancing with innovations in today's technology to give patients the most accurate and quick diagnoses possible.